Growth Factor


An interesting take on a very real problem. With all due respect to those who believe otherwise, there is a limit to how many people the Earth can support. What is that number? 10 billion? 30 billion? 100 billion? My guess is you could line up twenty people who study such things and all would give a different number with research and evidence to back it up. Even though we may not know the exact number that will be the proverbial “straw that breaks the camel’s back,” basic common sense says that as population increases, more strain is put on that population’s habitat as more resources are consumed.

It’s a well known fact that humans have a greater impact on the Earth than any other species currently alive and as our population grows, we’ll have to do one of two things: manage our resources better or manage our growth better.

Debt Deluxe


The class of 2011 is the most indebted class in history, with an average debt of $22,900. Is anyone really shocked about that fact, though? I mean, what do people expect? How many actually have tuition money just lying around somewhere? And, do people still buy into the illusion that there really is just oodles and boodles of scholarship money just lying around unused as well? Please, will someone direct me to this oft-spoken-of scholarship for right-handed people. I’d love to see that money (assuming, of course, it actually exists).