Communique No. 4: Passive-Aggression, Subtweeting, and My First “Hate Mail”

Don't we all?

Don’t we all?


Technically, I guess, this sort of thing could be classified as “subtweeting” were it on Twitter. Heard of it? It’s a passive-aggressive way to confront someone by indirectly tweeting about them. Take, for example, Sandra, who is annoyed with her boyfriend, Jake, because she’s convinced he never listens to her; instead of sitting down and talking about the situation with Jake, she takes to Twitter and tweets: “WHAT IS IT WITH MEN?!?! It’s seriously like they never even listen! #WeHaveFeelingsToo”.

The true subject of Sandra’s tweet is left intentionally ambiguous so that it becomes awkward for Jake, who follows her on Twitter, to respond in the public forum that is the Twitterverse. What’s the end result? Well, a lot of things, and none of them good. Even so, there are many reasons this post doesn’t fit the bill of a massive subtweet and for reasons which should become clearer as we go.

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