Crisis of Identity: ORU’s Next Great Challenge

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I debated for a long time over whether or not I wanted to publish this. As my senior year at Oral Roberts University wound down over the past few months, I had conversations with several of my close friends about this very topic and basically all of those conversations ended with us sharing more or less the same concerns and sentiments. Any of you who know me understand that there are plenty of things that irritate me about the university, but the relationships I made, the skills I learned, and the life I lived in my time as a student are invaluable and the direction the institution takes in the future is of great concern to me.

As a disclaimer, people should bear in mind that I am twenty-two years old, a recent college graduate with a degree in Communication and Writing, and not an expert in organizational psychology or any other similar discipline on which the type of comments I’m about to make rely. Also bear in mind that I didn’t hear any of this from God; these are just some thoughts that have been rolling around in my head for some time that I thought were important to share. It’s my hope that up-and-coming student leaders on campus (since they’ll be the ones experiencing it near-term) and maybe even faculty and administration will find them useful–possibly even insightful. Continue reading

The Censorship Controversy: A Few Nuggets We Can Take Away

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I have to admit that when I posted Cassie McNaney’s article on my site, I initially had no idea it would elicit the response that it has. I’ve told several people this, but I find this entire situation supremely humorous, primarily because had ORU’s administration elected not to censor, thirty or forty people at most would have read Cassie’s letter. It might have drawn a response or two online or (less likely) in next year’s first edition, but the entire thing would have blown over without much fanfare.

But, perhaps it wasn’t meant to be. I’ll avoid rehashing the story for those of you just joining in (you can read the older post), but there are a few things I think we can all take away from this situation that I’d like to share with you. Continue reading

The Article ORU Doesn’t Want You to See

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Note: I worked as the editor in chief of the Oracle from May to October of 2011; I am not currently affiliated with the newspaper in any official capacity. None of the newspaper staff are aware that I chose to repost this article, nor did I seek their advice or consent. The article in question is re-printed by permission of the author. I also offer some insights here on some things we can take away from the situation.

On Friday, April 20, Oral Roberts University’s student newspaper, the Oracle, released it’s final print edition of the 2011-2012 academic year. That particular edition would have been fairly innocuous were it not for the presence of a particular letter to the editor in the back pages and, most significantly, the university administration’s response to that letter.

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