DEPARTMENT OF NON-APOLOGIES: An Open Letter to the Satirically-Impaired

Oh, Randal…

Yes, I know I just yesterday said I might be on an extended leave of absence from blogging. So sue me. It’s just that a fairly innocuous conversation I had with someone this morning convinced me I might need to address a potential issue. Just note, however, that I find this type of writing incredibly condescending to my readers and I have no intention of making it a regularity. This is primarily intended for the people who have a hard time catching on.

A lot of my writing/tweeting is satirical in nature. I might have grown up in southeast Oklahoma, but it is not a culture into which I neatly fit and for a variety of reasons. I enjoy city-life and am cosmopolitan at heart and I like poking fun at rednecks and the provincially-minded. I am a progressive liberal and I like to gibe at conservatives and the religious right. I am an ardent supporter of gay rights and I deride the flimsy logic of those who oppose them. I am a recovering Charismatic and I like to highlight the idiosyncrasies of the Charismatic/Pentecostal strains of Christianity. I oppose the politicization of the Christian faith in any form and go out of my way to point out the logical inconsistencies and blundering failures of those engaged in the politicizing. None of this is a secret. All of that said, I do not now, nor have I ever considered myself “superior” to any of these groups of people. No, not one.

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THE META FILE: A Blog-post About Blog-posts

Vermeer knew a thing or two about meta.

I hope to be forgiven the pretension that someone might have noticed, maybe even approached concern toward the fact that I haven’t published anything on my site in the past month. Several reasons exist for this drought in snarky commentary and witty reflection and, again under the pretense someone gives a shit, I’ll talk about them in this abbreviated meta-blog-post (that is, of course, a blog-post about blog-posts).

One, a job-search that is hopefully drawing to a close. As you’re probably already aware, I graduated from college a few months back with a B.A. degree (in both senses of the acronym) and I’m currently attempting to land a job that will get me out of southeast Oklahoma. There are several reasons–none of which I’m inclined to share–that tell me that search will soon draw to a successful end. Once that has happened, I’ll have more time to devote to writing since the concern of how to pay back the  loans I took out to pay for that B.A. degree (again, in both senses of the acronym) will be alleviated. Continue reading