Photo 2013-03-17 08.36.52 AMAs some of you may know, my little friend Tucks had to be put down just a few days after I arrived in Korea. I was heartbroken for a few days but, ultimately, I was glad that he wasn’t suffering anymore. He’d been sick for quite some time and, in hindsight, I’m certain he was probably in the early stages of his cancer when he first showed up at my doorstep last June. So, I’m glad that he got to live like a king among cats for the last part of his life and I thought I’d share a few of the multitude of pictures I snapped of him. On a side note, it’s okay if you judge me for posting a bunch of pictures of my cat; Mr. Tucks was worth it.

I know none of you ever met Tucks, but seriously this cat was one of a kind. I was in my bedroom praying one morning (not for a cat, just to be clear) and I looked out my bay window to see this striking black and white tuxedo cat wandering around the yard. He looked well-fed and, save for a mite problem in his ears, seemed very healthy. He came right up to me and instantly started hugging my hand in the way that cats hug and we were instant besties.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the best shots of the little guy. I took this one on the morning he first came to the house:

First Meeting

He was always a sleepy-head, as I assume most cats are:Photo 2013-03-17 08.30.02 AM (4)

Photo 2013-03-17 08.30.07 AM

Photo 2013-03-17 08.36.53 AM

Photo 2013-03-17 08.30.09 AM (3)

And, he had a quirky side.

Photo 2013-03-17 08.30.08 AM

Photo 2013-03-17 08.30.07 AM (4)

Photo 2013-03-17 08.30.07 AM (3)

After he’d been living around the house for a while, I eventually brought him inside and he settled right in.

Photo 2013-03-17 08.30.09 AM (5)

Photo 2013-03-17 08.30.09 AM (4)

My last few weeks at home were spent ferrying him back and forth to the vet trying to figure out was was making him so sick. As it turned out, he had two forms of cancer that were attacking his body like the AIDS virus attacks human bodies. The vet even buried him for me, which meant a lot since I wasn’t able to do it myself. You’ll certainly be missed, meow mix.

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