THE META FILE: A Blog-post About Blog-posts

Vermeer knew a thing or two about meta.

I hope to be forgiven the pretension that someone might have noticed, maybe even approached concern toward the fact that I haven’t published anything on my site in the past month. Several reasons exist for this drought in snarky commentary and witty reflection and, again under the pretense someone gives a shit, I’ll talk about them in this abbreviated meta-blog-post (that is, of course, a blog-post about blog-posts).

One, a job-search that is hopefully drawing to a close. As you’re probably already aware, I graduated from college a few months back with a B.A. degree (in both senses of the acronym) and I’m currently attempting to land a job that will get me out of southeast Oklahoma. There are several reasons–none of which I’m inclined to share–that tell me that search will soon draw to a successful end. Once that has happened, I’ll have more time to devote to writing since the concern of how to pay back the  loans I took out to pay for that B.A. degree (again, in both senses of the acronym) will be alleviated.

Two, a bit of soul-searching concerning how I want to say what I want to say. The most vexing problem a writer faces is how to get what’s inside of him or her out in a way that’s intelligible and effective. Writing is far more than the mere conveyance of words: it is an attempt to evoke in the reader the same emotional response to the subject matter felt by the writer. Plus, if there is a problem with human communication, it’s an issue of quality, not quantity. Writing is very much like painting and so much of the difference between good art and bad art isn’t quantifiable. It just is. As for me, I’ve yet to find my stride when it comes to writing a blog. When I find it, you’ll know.

Three, a bit of off-time to explore the fertility of more long-term projects. At the risk of sounding too much like Stephanie Meyer, I had a dream a week or so ago that gave me an idea for a story. Much of my time since has been devoted to seeing if it could actually go anywhere and be the sort of writing I’d want to my name.

And, four, this is my blog and I’ll write when I want to. One of the reasons I enjoy working out is because I can quit whenever the hell I want. No one makes me go the gym, no one can make me go to the gym, and no one cares if I go to the gym. It’s hard to explain, but the feeling that I can’t stop doing something if I want makes me grow to hate that something. It’s for this reason that I haven’t made any commitments to post something regularly. Jenna Marbles posts a new video every Wednesday and that works for her. For me, the knowledge that I’d pledged to publish something on the same day every week would make me grow to hate it.

So, all this to say that until I finally get one of the projects I’m working on just how I want it, this meta-blog will just have to do. You can bill me for the Chunky Monkey ice cream you consume while anxiously awaiting my next piece.


P.S. I’m kidding about paying your depressed-ice-cream-consumption bill.

2 thoughts on “THE META FILE: A Blog-post About Blog-posts

  1. Roy-Gene,
    Besides the fact that you are a fellow gay writer, you also write very well. You’re very personable and interesting.

    I suggest you get a bigger platform to display your work from, but I believe whatever you set your mind to, you will accomplish. Just remember, you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you.

  2. Dude this blog simply entertained me. When you do feel the need to get back on and write, i only hope you put as muh energy in the next one that you did in this. i laughed hard! i hope all works out for you and you land that job! Stay focused and keep your head up! and i totally feel you on that gym thing!

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