Game Over

I just can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is something about this video that straight up gives me the creeps. I actually feel dirty having watched it. At any rate, if I disliked Rick Santorum before, well, let’s just say this doesn’t help.


2 thoughts on “Game Over

  1. a fair amount of fuss this week over GOP neisidrpteal candidate Rick Santorum raising his hand in support of torture, then telling torture survivor John McCain that he doesn’t know what torture is. But

  2. I also have really weird feelings when reading a newspaper about the Santorum event at ORU, hearing him speak, or listening to people talk about him. It is the ‘National Moralist Leader’ that makes me uncomfortable. The nation will not change because of a president but by Holy Spirit influenced and led spiritual-cultural movements, and people making a personal before a social stand on things. At the same time, the president can select good judges to turn over the Roe v Wade decision. “if Obama was not elected, with the current SC judges, it could have been overturned and the taking of innocent life (unless in the case of the mother’s life seriously jeopardized) would not be federally protected. As president, Santorum also chooses the many other federal judges in circuits all over the US. They also influence and possibly veto legislation through the Congress. It still gives me the creeps, people should themselves as moral leaders more than a national figure, and only then will things get changed on the fundamental level. This video is just too much. And I did not entirely appreciate the citiplex towers as background.

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