Casey Anthony Got What She Deserved

The media attention surrounding Casey Anthony’s acquittal of capital murder charges by a jury of her peers pissed me off yesterday; I posted this on Facebook last night:

“America, SHUT UP! Honestly, if you’re all so certain she killed the little girl, then why weren’t you called to testify? Thank God people are tried in a court of law, not the court of public opinion.”

People in this country love to rag on the justice system when it acquits people they’re convinced are guilty. Our justice system is imperfect. It’s slow, tedious, unfair, and altogether a pain in the ass. It’s also the only one I care to live under. Whether we feel like it right now or not, we should thank God we live in a country where juries are instructed to convict or acquit on the basis of the evidence presented, not how much they like or dislike the parties involved. As soon as we start convicting people because they look guilty or because we think they’re guilty or because we can’t think of any scenario from our limited perspectives where they couldn’t be guilty is the moment I get the hell out of here.

The latter is a recipe for a witch hunt.

So, whether a majority of people think she’s guilty or not, the people who matter say she’s not. They didn’t say she was “innocent,” mind you, but “not guilty” of the crimes with which she was charged. If you’re not able to understand the difference in meaning, learn it before you make yourself sound a fool spouting off about how stupid the American court system is.

One day, any one of us could find ourselves accused of any number of crimes, whether accurately or otherwise. If that happens, we should all hope the juries convened to hear the evidence in our cases make judgments based on the evidence instead of how guilty we do or don’t look.

Casey Anthony got exactly what she deserved: a fair trial. Further justice, should any be required, is no longer the concern of mortals but of He who holds final judgment and who will judge us all.


4 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Got What She Deserved

  1. Then you explain the Scott Peterson case..The Jurors spent 2 weeks with very little to no evidence…….This is not CSI, OR 12 Angrey Men, it is not TV land…….This real life, sometimes on a murder, there is nothing, not even a body…The murderer, will do anything to get away with murder, lie, steal, hid the body and even get rid of the body completly………….Justice was not served………

  2. The jouors screwd up bigtime…It happens..The jurors had that CSI way of thinking, like you need a mountain of evidence to sentence a person…Sometimes in murder trial, there is little or evidence, you have to use your common sense and connect the dots….As in the Scott Peterson case, there was litle to no evidence. There was no murder weapon or cause of death…Scott Peterson himself, helped look for his wife and unborn child…The jurors used common sense and conncted the dots without alot of evidense..If these jurors were on the Scott Peterson case, Scott Peterson would be walking free today, instead he is on death row, were Casey belongs..The jurors did not use common sense and spend 2 weeks connecting the dots, they were looking for a ton evidense to be givin to them..I believe Casey is as guity as sin..Or justice system failed

    • Quote: “The jurors had that CSI way of thinking, like you need a mountain of evidence to sentence a person.”

      I take this to mean you’d be satisfied with a mole-hill of evidence, then?

      Quote: “Sometimes in murder trial, there is little or [no?] evidence, you have to use your common sense and connect the dots.”

      Is that so? If you’re ever selected for jury duty, I hope the officials involved do a thorough-enough background check to find that you made such a ridiculous statement and see to it you never sit on a jury.

  3. Finally! I posted something the other day about how people need to just let it go – you can’t undo it! I was then informed about what an idiot I was and then various rantings about how she’s obviously guilty. I just said “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you actually saw her kill Caylee, so please continue with the slander.” I agree with you – I would not want to live under any other justice system. If I ever find myself accused of any crime, I would hope the jurors abide by the law and evidence and not the public opinion, their “feelings,” etc. Great post! It’s good to see people with common sense every now and then.

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