I read an article not long ago that berated Christian art and media: the author said something to the effect that many Christian artists tend to want to solve every problem with a “Bible verse and a Sinner’s Prayer.” Maybe that’s the way we like to approach life too.

The Tulsa World did a story on Katie Hill of Bixby, Oklahoma. I want you to read it and think about it. That is all.

I don’t care what care what comments, thoughts, retaliations, disagreements, or concerns for my salvation you may have.


Because, like mine, they don’t matter and Katie can explain why.

A word that is often repeated in the Psalms is the word “Selah.” Several translations read “Interlude” but that’s really an inadequate explanation of the concept the Hebrew conveys. The best translation I’ve heard was from Sharon Daugherty of Victory Christian Center in Tulsa; she gave it the meaning, “Stop and think about it.”

That’s what I want the people reading this post and the article to do.


And think about it.

I know you have opinions. Make them known.

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