Communique No. 6: For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll

Crowd in support of Gay MarriageBefore I get to the point, I spent greater than half my life up to this point more or less hiding and simultaneously wrestling with a very major component of what makes me who I am. It’s neither the single biggest nor the foremost component, true, but to pretend it’s not firmly in the top ten at least would, in my view, be to continue being dishonest, both to myself and to the people I love. With that in mind, my frequent discussion of the topic of late is hopefully a bit more understandable. Also, compared to the challenges one faces after the fact, coming out is the easy part. Anyone can publish an online letter or use social media to announce their previously hidden sexuality, but the real question for those who do is, “Are you prepared to handle what comes next?” It’s important to answer that question honestly, otherwise a man might very quickly find himself in a situation he’s not quite ready to tackle.

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Sean Harris Has the Latest Way to Fix the Gay!

Cure for effeminacy found! (Photo: Berean Baptist Church,; edited by Roy-Gene)

WARNING: Treatment could result in cuts and bruising, deep emotional and psychological damage, and/or suicide. Discuss risks and side effects with someone who actually knows what he or she is talking about before starting effeminacy correction therapy.

Believe it or not, the cure has been found! Parents with sons who just act too girly or daughters who wear baggy pants and crop their hair too short finally have a solution! Thanks to Pastor Sean Harris, these and other infractions of conservative American gender norms can be corrected with one simple tool: brute force. That’s right! Just shove ’em around a bit and tell ’em, “No son of mine is gonna act like some queer!” or, “No way my daughter is gonna be a butch!”

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Ugly Democracy: the North Carolina Marriage Amendment

Same-sex marriage legislation is complicated in the U.S. Click the image to find out what the colors mean. (Graphic: Lokal_Profil)

60 percent of North Carolinians  voted to enact a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage yesterday. So, let’s just say that I’m pretty disgusted with about 60 percent of North Carolinians. It should be noted that gay marriage has been illegal in the state since 1996 but, apparently, social conservatives and culture warriors saw need to entomb their views in the state constitution.

Of particular interest to me is whether or not as much support could be mustered for a constitutional ban on adultery. Or, better yet, would 60 percent of North Carolinians vote to enact a constitutional ban on divorce? Both are even more insidious threats to “traditional marriage of one man and one woman” than same-sex marriage will ever be. But, we all know that neither of those things will ever, ever happen. Continue reading